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I thought you would be happy to know that after the two (workshop) sessions I had with you, I have been working on re-adjusting my views. Specifically, I have been focusing on improving my outlook by realizing what I truly can change…Thank you for spending extra time with me. You were able to help me change in a very positive manner. I really appreciate the awareness that you’ve helped me achieve.

Discovery chemist

Women Scientists as Leaders

The Morris Consulting Group, LLC has expertise in focusing on R&D audiences—especially women scientists and technical experts.

During our 30 years of experience working in the healthcare industry, we have observed that women scientists face additional barriers to advancing their careers that are unique, and not shared by their male counterparts, or non-scientific women professionals.

Our career development workshops help women scientists who have had:

  • Less access to senior female role models
  • A feeling of isolation working as an independent contributor or in laboratories
  • Risk-averse supervisors who have been concerned that women can’t cut it
  • Different work styles, language choices, decision-making processes, problem solving skills and approaches when confronting conflict than their male counterparts
  • Been excluded from established professional organizational networks
  • A lack of line and general management experience
  • Pressures of maintaining a work and life balance

Our research results have identified these key career success strategies for women:

  • Technical excellence is #1; love what you do
  • Be willing to work hard
  • Set clear career goals and determine what you are willing to sacrifice to accomplish them
  • Flex your communication style, both written and verbal to adjust to the style preferences of others
  • Learn the art of constructive confrontation
  • Take stretch assignments, lateral moves, consider a profit/loss or a global assignment, be open to the unexpected, take risks
  • Find an influential mentor, have a “board of directors,” have several mentors, be a mentor
  • Herald your achievements, let your boss know and your boss’s boss know about your accomplishments
  • Build a network of peers, make time to cultivate your network (many decisions are made outside of meetings, in the hallways, at breaks, etc.) and maintain contacts outside your organization

Morris Consulting Group, LLC has designed a series of career development workshops, Women Scientists as Leaders, targeting women scientists. Workshop content is based on what women scientists need to know to get the career they want and deserve. Combined with one-on-one coaching, we enhance the career positioning of your women scientists and retain this talented audience. Contact us to schedule the Women Scientists as Leaders workshop.