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R&D Scientists: A Unique Training Challenge
Our experience working with pharmaceutical companies and technical experts throughout the world has resulted in our development of a unique training style. We've found that R&D scientists rarely benefit from training programs that simply focus on generic business skills-and they hardly ever take away practical skills that can be applied to a laboratory work environment.

Why? Research results on how R&D scientists think, provide an explanation:

  1. Scientists use a communication style focused on data, analysis and explanation of data to other experts. Consequently, they are primarily task-oriented and are less focused on people.
  2. The mindset of the scientist is commonly black or white, on or off, pass or fail. When confronted by unpredictable human behavior, scientists may respond with frustration and then center on the inefficiencies of working with people.
  3. Scientists are not trained to:
  • speak to non-scientific audiences, particularly senior management and others who do not share a high-level of scientific expertise
  • use persuasion skills to get their ideas heard and considered
  • speak extemporaneously
  • speak and write using non-scientific analogies
  • present their data and conclusions as solving a business dilemma
  • be aware of their informal and formal communication styles and its impact
  • become better communicators
  1. As part of their academic training, scientists are trained to design and conduct their own experiments. Thus, they are individually and internally motivated and place a high regard on perfectionism. When entering the business world, scientists:
  • are reluctant to share their data or limited resources
  • often find it difficult to work in a group or team environment
  • are uncomfortable delegating responsibility

Global Training Solutions

The Morris Consulting Group Difference

Simply put, we understand the scientist-mindset and communication style. Our multi-day, two-day classroom and e-learning solutions are customized to reflect this uniqueness. Additionally, our content integrates your organizational leadership competencies, values, acronyms, and drug development process. Case studies and simulations also reflect your organization’s business imperatives.

Class Topics Include:

Improving Communication Skills – Reap the rewards of having good communication skills by improving the way you speak, write, negotiate and listen to others.
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Course Details:
All workshop content is customizable for any level audience and available in classroom, e-learning or blended learning formats.

  • Communication
  • Basic and Advanced Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Better Questions, Better Audits
  • Gender Communication
  • Influencing and Negotiating
  • Workshops on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills for Managers
  • Listening; The Lost Art
  • Presentation Skills
  • Presentation Skills for Executives
  • Executive Presence
  • Writing Effective Performance Objectives
  • Writing for E-mail
  • Communication Skills for Technical for Technical Professionals
  • The Art and Science of Communication
  • The Communication Mystery Solved
  • Persuading and Influencing Others

Performance Management – Take your career to the next level by learning how to advance your business partnerships, resolve conflicts, fine-tune your networking skills and become more efficient through better time management.
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Course Details
All workshop content is customizable for any level audience and available in classroom, e-learning or blended learning formats.

  • Building and Maintaining Business Partnerships
  • Career Networking
  • Influencing and Negotiating
  • Customer Service for Pharmaceutical Leaders
  • Leadership Skills for First-Time Supervisors
  • Team Leaders and Functional Managers
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Distance Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Challenge of Change
  • Common Sense in the Workplace
  • Conducting an Effective Performance Review
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Delegate…Don’t Dump
  • Diversity Awareness
  • Financial Fundamentals Series
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Goal Setting
  • Human Side of Project Management
  • Managing People Through Change
  • Mentoring/Coaching
  • Negotiating for Sales and Profit
  • Negotiating for Win-Win
  • Participating in Your Performance Review
  • Servicing Your Customer
  • Stress Awareness
  • The Art of Networking
  • Time and the Individual
  • Time and the Organization
  • Time Mastery
  • Virtual Manager
  • Workplace Civility
  • Business Etiquette and Common Courtesy
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Implementing Strategy
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Juggling Multiple Priorities
  • Managing Difficult Interactions
  • Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning

Leading Teams – Become a more effective leader by learning techniques that help the teams you lead be successful.
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Course Details
All workshop content is customizable for any level audience and available in classroom, e-learning or blended learning formats.

  • Building and Maintaining Business Partnerships
  • Skills for New and Mature Cross-functional, Global Teams
  • Leadership Skills for First-time Supervisors, Team Leaders and Functional Managers
  • Leading Teams for the Experienced Team Leader
  • Applying Performance Metrics for New and Experienced Teams
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • High Performance Teams
  • Meeting Effectiveness: From Pain to Productivity
  • Project Innovation and Teamwork
  • Self-Directed Teams
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Cross-Functional Teams
  • Defining Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Managing Remote Teams

Our Facilitators:

The Morris Consulting Group, LLC has an expanded network of experienced facilitators in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Morris Facilitator Attributes:

  • Our facilitators have worked within international companies including healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations
  • Each facilitator has outstanding platform experience with all audience levels
  • Facilitators are located near your research sites and reflect local customs and culture
  • Many facilitators speak multiple languages
  • All facilitators must complete a 3 step qualifying process before they are certified to lead Morris Consulting Group workshops. This thorough process insures consistent, high quality course delivery, at no cost to our clients.

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