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Case Study:
Sponsor-CRO Team

A pharmaceutical sponsor wanted to improve the relationship with their contract research organization. Clinical project team members from both organizations were not collaborating, inappropriate e-mails and team meeting behaviors were distracting many. The Morris Consulting Group analyzed the leadership styles of the two organizational team leaders to enhance their understanding of their own styles and that of the other team leader. We created open dialogue between the two team leaders to investigate how these style differences can strengthen the team's performance. This process proved so successful we support several other clinical project teams at this same pharmaceutical sponsor organization.

Global Team Consulting

The Morris Consulting Group, LLC focuses on lifecycle development of:

  • R&D teams
  • Functional teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Global teams
  • Product or project teams

We consult to US teams so they can:

  • Clarify team goals and business objectives
  • Define roles and responsibilities—who does what and when
  • Identify who makes what decisions
  • Create communication plans—who needs to know what and when
  • Devise strategies for overcoming disagreements and conflicts
  • Understand who the team's customers are and what they need
  • Increase trust with key stakeholders and senior managers
  • Meet milestones and stay within budget
  • Perform at the highest levels

We consult to global teams so they can:

  1. Be more aware of cultural complexities among team members, building greater trust and respect
  2. Understand cultural diversity from an external perspective with international vendors and partners
  3. Learn about country-specific customs and cultures though our alliance with experienced global team consultants

Our experience working with pharmaceutical R&D teams is extensive.

We work with functional teams, discovery and launch teams. Our most challenging work is improved team relationships between sponsor and CRO teams.

Our global teams need performance feedback just like individuals. We offer custom team 360° assessments at mid-project and end-of-study.

Contact us to work with your teams.