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Susan Morris is quoted in PharmaVoice, January, 2010 in an article devoted to “Executive Coaching”. Susan is one of five national executive coaches interviewed to outline the benefits of coaching for scientist managers and leaders.

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Susan’s coaching enlightened me to the importance of the interview process and how I am actually interviewing the host company as much as they are interviewing me. This simple message had profound implications and changed the interview from an arduous process to an enjoyable social event. In the end, I learned to present myself well and identified what I wanted and this is what helped to progress my career to a new level.”
Top 10 global pharmaceutical company, discovery biologist

Worldwide Coaching

Whether you are an individual contributor, first-line supervisor, manager, director, or senior executive, you’ll benefit from pursuing performance excellence. Contact us to schedule an introductory coaching session.

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Logistics – Read about how you’ll be matched with a coach and the benefits of a coaching plan.
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Executive Coaching fosters change in high potential executives, preparing them to lead 21st century organizations. Sessions are confidentially held in-person and by phone as schedules permit.

Team Coaching is an intensive and experiential process to uncover performance blocks—creating immediate shifts and accelerating change in team performance.

Transition Coaching is ideal for managers whose functional responsibility is expanding, and aims to shorten learning curves and build positive relationships with direct reports immediately.

Triangle Coaching is designed for clients who have an urgent business project or a “stretch” assignment, and incorporates the client’s manager who mentors the client and provides technical or scientific support along with the Triangle Coach. The Triangle Coach’s role is to optimize the client’s communication, management and leadership skills while completing the project.

Global Executive Coaching is a unique integration of proven coaching principles customized with country-specific coaches with intercultural and international business experience. Our Global Coaching Services are for executives who want to:

  • Make a smooth transition outside of the US due to promotions or job relocations
  • Improve their global leadership competencies
  • Increase their understanding of country based customs
  • Improve relationships with culturally different colleagues, vendors and customers
  • Enhance global team leadership with culturally appropriate communication practices.


  • The Morris Consulting Group, LLC follows the Co-Active Coaching model where the client and the coach are equal collaborators in meeting the client’s coaching goals.
  • We believe coaching clients are naturally, creative resourceful and whole.
  • The client sets the agenda for each coaching session as well as the goals for the coaching engagement.
  • The coach is objective and never has pre-formed judgments about the client.
  • Coaching not only addresses issues in the client’s work, but often crosses over to include their whole life.
  • Our coaching approach is impacted by positive psychology (Seligman, et al.). Our coaches focus on what is already working, what the client does well and how to perform tasks better. We see coaching as an employee engagement and retention tool.


To ensure coaching success and a strong “compatible chemistry,” we put forward two to three coach candidates from which the client can choose. We match our credentialed coaches according to the client’s background, work history and coaching goals.

A coaching plan is vital to coaching success. Every coaching plan is a living document, changing over time as clients improve their skills, original goals are achieved and new goals are set. A coaching plan is how we hold the coach and the client accountable for improvements in job performance.

Our coaching plans include these three steps:

  1. We assess the client’s current job performance based on data: previous and current performance reviews, feedback summaries and 3600 assessments. In this plan, we identify how the client’s performance impacts business results.
  2. Working as a team with the manager, client and coach, we create a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time sensitive (SMART) coaching plan for improved job performance tied to business results.
  3. The coach and client execute the coaching plan through in-person sessions supplemented with telephone sessions.

Anticipated Coaching Outcomes:

In addition to a 529% ROI, research results indicate significant intangible benefits to coaching including:

  • Improved individual performance
  • Employee development
  • Increased confidence
  • Self-empowerment
  • Professional development or career transition goal achievement
  • Improved relationships with others, especially peers both in and outside the organization
  • Cross-functional team leadership
  • Improved relations between individuals with differing communication styles