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These photos represent our willingness to try new things and embrace a challenge, whether it's steering a boat, biking 75 miles for charity, or helping clients reach their personal and professional “bests”!


About The Morris Consulting Group, LLC

Since 2002, the Morris Consulting Group, LLC partners exclusively with the pharmaceutical industry, specifically R&D scientists and technical experts. We observe that chemists are brilliant scientifically but may not be as knowledgeable about “people” chemistry. We diagnose the client’s interpersonal challenge, gather data, offer planned solutions and measure behavior change. We pride ourselves on meeting if not exceeding client expectations with the highest quality services, delivered on time and within budget.

About Susan Morris
Susan Morris, President of the Morris Consulting Group, LLC, is an instructional designer, consultant and corporate coach with more than 25 years of experience in partnering with individual contributors, functional groups and cross-functional, domestic and global teams exclusively in the pharmaceutical industry. Susan designs custom inter-personal training solutions, consults to new and experienced teams and offers corporate coaching to high potential R&D managers. Another area of focus is retaining women scientist talent through a series of career workshops combined with corporate coaching.

Before starting her own company, Susan was a consultant for a consulting firm targeting technology-based organizations. Her previous management experience included line responsibilities for the American Red Cross, Blood Services, HealthAmerica (an HMO) and the American Cancer Society.

Susan holds a Masters in Education from Temple University and a Bachelor’s degree from Douglass College, Rutgers University. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and accredited by the International Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Susan's Story

Myron Joseph Morris

Susan’s Discovery
It all started with my Dad, an electronics engineer, fascinated with radios, batteries and how to build communication devices for the US military. On Saturdays, Dad would take me down to his “lab” in the basement of our home, and patiently, try to teach me about resisters and transformers. None of it stuck but his love for all things mathematical and technical did. Valiantly, I tried to follow in his footsteps, getting a D in high school chemistry and an E in college freshman statistics. Self-discovery can be painful but the rewards are valuable in finding a career that I loved, where I could be as passionate as my Dad.

Susan’s Development
My early professional career was about teaching, inner city high school kids, then health education programs for the American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross. It became clear that my gifts were getting others to participate in their learning, making knowledge transfer memorable and exciting. Healthcare was a magnet for me; I wanted to help others lead a healthier and happier life. I managed training, marketing and education departments and lead long-term organizational projects to improve customer service. Now I was helping organizations get healthier and happier. Life took a turn when my job was terminated due to a reduction in force. I left the non-profit healthcare world and stepped into consulting to high technology companies with a small consulting firm.

Susan’s Launch
The next six years were exciting, challenging and stimulating. My clients were mainly pharmaceutical companies, looking to me, the consultant, to solve their “people” chemistry problems. One clear memory is at the end of a two day workshop on Building Better Relationships at Work, a reticent and seemingly uninterested participant raised her hand and asked: “So all you want us to do is to be nice to each other?” The class and I, we all laughed realizing that the simplicity of the question was the heart of creating enduring business relationships.

I consulted to many scientists, physicians, nurses, sales and marketing professionals, IT, finance, legal, regulatory and senior management, all of whom were on a quest to be the very best at what they do. It was my job to assess their performance and offer new tools, skills and concepts to strengthen their performance even more. My career had taken off and I was learning a lot about myself, my clients and the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2002, I needed to spread my wings, take a big risk and open my own consulting firm. I’ve never regretted that decision. I’m getting back to my roots, helping pharmaceutical Research and Development scientists, like my Dad, to be excellent leaders and managers. I’m also concentrating on what women scientists need in order to propel their careers and get to the top of their organizations. I’ve completed a rigorous course to become a certified corporate coach to better serve my clients. In the last several years, I’ve found additional satisfaction in speaking to trade associations and groups about how to communicate, how to get along, how to make a positive first impression, how to be liked. Whatever is next in my career is connected to those Saturday lessons I learned from my Dad: love what you do, show others you care and have fun while you’re doing it.

Thanks Dad!