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Susan Morris is quoted in Science, “Lab Management: The Human Elements”, March 12, 2010 by Carol Milano.  In this article, Susan offers advice to lab managers on how to lead by acquiring “people skills”.

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White Papers

Morris Consulting Group white papers offer “people” chemistry solutions, answers to interpersonal relationship challenges that scientists and R&D managers are looking for. We invite you to read and share with your colleagues and team members.

So You Want an Executive Coach: What to Expect
What's the difference between coaching and consulting?
What outcomes can I expect from coaching?

From Scientist to Leader: What Women Scientists Need to Know
Research results indicate that women scientists have more
career challenges to overcome than their male counterparts.

Underperforming Teams: Symptoms and Complaints
A list of typical dysfunctional symptoms and common complaints of teams.

Work/Life Balance Perspective #1/ Triple Constraint
The Question for Equilibrium
A novel approach applying a business principle to achieving work/life balance

Work/Life Balance Perspective #2
A Matter of Choice
Reduce stress, gain control over your time and life by exercising personal choice

R&D Scientists + Managing Others = Oil + Water?
Organizations need a clearer understanding of how scientists think to prepare them to lead and manager others

Giving Actionable Feedback, Part 1
Giving Actionable Feedback, Part 2
“Atta boy” is no longer acceptable recognition. 21st century managers and leaders must know the art of giving and receiving feedback that makes a difference.

Persuasion Tips
What you need to know to be more successful in preparing to persuade.

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